Episode Eighty One – Erica Reese, Erica Sara Designs

Hosting this podcast I have the opportunity to speak to some incredible business owners as they share their marketing journeys. What makes my latest guest stand out is not only how her business developed from some of the changes she made in her life and the relationships that she nurtured along the way, but also that I have personally known for over 30 years and witnessed the earlier chapters of her story. While I have been following her success for years through social media, this was a great opportunity to learn how she built a business that eventually became the official jewelry creator of the country’s most prestigious marathon.


My guest is Erica Reese and she is the owner of Erica Sara Designs.  She was not always a successful jewelry business owner.  She began as an executive in a number of major fashion companies.  But after a divorce, she took to running as a way to get away from life stresses.  What it actually did was led her to contact after influential contact who took notice of her jewelry making skills, a passion she has had since she was 10 years old.  And her new career as a jewelry designer was launched.


Erica now designs a jewelry line for today’s modern, driven, fashion savvy, and influential woman.  I am excited to share her story with you.


To learn more, please click ericasara.com.


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