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Tired of feeling that your small business is stuck
and your marketing efforts are not getting a response?

I'm here to fix that!


Howard Wolpoff

Many business owners have a plethora of creative marketing ideas and some a budget with which to execute them.  However, most business owners struggle to know whether their marketing is successful.  Only a systematic, and measured, marketing approach will keep a small business’ sales pipeline full. 

Download my book and I’ll show you how you can triple your current number of leads, double your sales and increase your annual revenue by $100,000 or more…and WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising… GUARANTEED!


Big and small businesses that work with Howard


Episode Ninety One – Somyata Saxena, The Garden Recipe / The Garden Pooch

Life surely takes turns, and sometimes challenges you experience in your health can lead into a business where you share your success with others.This is exactly what happened for our next guest, Somaya Saxena of The Garden Recipe, who took the lessons she learned about nutrition and diet selection while she was battling back cancer and has developed programs to help other women address these issues as well.  She also started a second business focusing on dogs with cancer and additional issues that can be addressed with better nutrition through real food.She addresses how both of these businesses began and

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Episode Ninety – Victor Okoh, Redify, Inc.

Sometimes it takes a family crisis to create something that the world has always needed.   That is the situation with our next guest, Victor Okoh of Redify, Inc.  He took a medical crisis for his children and created an app that shares what irritants a product may have so you can safely keep yourself, or your family, away from them.   To learn more, click www.redifyinc.com or search Redify in the app store.   As always, this podcast is brought to you by Profit Master Business Solutions, implementing measured marketing for small businesses while calming the chaos and creating

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