Episode Eighty Two – Dennis Paul, Subconscious Mind Trainer

A mind is a terrible thing to waste….

So, how clear is your mind?

Everything is connected.  Mentally, emotionally, physically.  With each, your brain plays a role on how it all effects your body.  How great would it be if you can optimize yourself and reprogram yourself with good content?



Discussing this personal reboot with us in this latest episode of Small Business Marketing – Then & Now is Dennis Paul, of Subconscious Mind Trainer, who has been blessed to bring a New Paradigm of Natural Healing through advanced subconscious mind techniques, disruptive micro nutrient technology, targeted dietary systems and the development of individual functional health coaching programs. 

Dennis discusses how he launched his business and developed a network of connections, providers and coaches to build his business and provide each of them with a financial benefit for driving prospects ,and future clients, his way.  He also has developed a deep relationship with his clients who in turn also have been a conduit of referrals for future new clients. 

To learn more, please click https://dennis-paul.ueniweb.com/#header.

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