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Episode Forty Six – Tina Baxter, Baxter Professional Services LLC

My guest for the newest 𝐒𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐁𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐧 & 𝐍𝐨𝐰 episode is Tina Baxter who is a legal nurse consultant.  In her business, she helps attorneys and agencies organize, decipher, and analyze medical records with an understanding of current clinical practices and standards of care.  She also serves as an expert witness for their medical malpractice or product liability cases.

The main purpose of Baxter Professional Services LLC is to assist attorneys and insurance professionals by collecting, reviewing, summarizing and analyzing medical records and providing consultation on nursing standard of care.  In this conversation, she discusses her development of her business, how she has become top-of-mind to attorneys and companies that regularly use her services and how she researches each situation to come to a clear understanding of what happen and how all those involved are actually affected.

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Episode Forty Five – Michael Ungar, At Home Senior Fitness

I’m so excited to share my guest for this podcast. He is Michael Ungar and he has helped people in many different ways to write his career. First, as a congregational rabbi and now working individually with seniors, providing them  with the fitness guidance guidance they need. He shares an interesting story about his journey from the pulpit to the gym floor to a thriving online fitness business.

At Home Senior Fitness, an at-home in-person and on-line personal training service specializing in those 55+, is not a one-size-fits-all operation. Training is personalized to each client based on his/her abilities, physical limitations, experience, and desires. The focus is on increased mobility, strength, and balance. The program is safe, effective, affordable, and fun.  In addition to one-on-one training, At Home Senior Fitness offers group fitness classes catered to older adults.

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Episode Forty Four – Eva Vennari, The Elevate Institute

In this episode, we tackle the stranglehold that doctors have on the way people address their concerns about their health and a business that on a mission to dismantle the status quo of the sickness industry.

Eva Vennari is the founder and CEO of The Elevate Institute, a cutting-edge health practitioner firm specializing in empowering driven professionals to take charge of their body and their health. She is the Creator of REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive. It is a holistic process that lets you understand exactly what your body needs to heal and rejuvenate so you can continue bringing your talent to the world while feeling great in your body. Through science and common-sense habit changes, one can create shifts for a higher quality of life that far outlast the time invested.

She discusses the reasons she launched her business and the journey she has been on sharing this knowledge and developing better solutions for the health of her clients.

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Episode Forty Three – Jennifer Harmon, Harmonized Numbers

Keeping a proper set of books is a must for all business operations.  My guest for this episode is Jennifer Harmon and she provides virtual bookkeeping services for small businesses. She keeps them on track, providing a service that is imperative to the success of the business and can to so for businesses around the country.

Bookkeepers organize the books, so that business owners can make the correct financial decisions and concentrate on what makes them money. Keeping your books current also makes accounting functions easier and less time consuming and allows you to be prepared for tax season. I am constantly working at giving you the most out of your business. I want to make business easier for you.

Jennifer shares her path on owning her business and making sure that her clients can keep growing theirs as well.  To learn more, please click

Episode Forty Two – Geoff Strauss, Just Case Studies

Today’s guest is a storyteller…and the best kind.  He is a storyteller that makes your company money. And he does this through writing incredible case studies.

Geoff Strauss, from Just Case Studies, is a content writer who focuses on staring targeted success stories for companies to use as a sales tool.  In sharing the growth that another client has experienced form your services, it makes it easier for a prospect envisioning themselves seeing that level of success as well.  This allows your sales team to close them faster and more successfully.

Geoff shares his journey in launching his business and determining his niche as a case study writer.  You can learn more about him and his services at

Episode Forty One – Jason Paris, the Paris Law Group

For our latest episode, I interview Jason Paris, a personal injury attorney from New York who is himself a small business owner,  He has launched three separate law firms and developed marketing strategies for each of them to develop strong SEO and the means for individuals to seek his firms out for legal representation.

He tells the story of the challenges of creating a brand in the biggest market in the world, where his competition is not only the local lawyers, but mega personal injury firms with a national marketing strategy.

His story is one of growth and success, filled with happy and victorious clients who have continuously provided him with referrals to develop future clients.  It has also included some great marketing experiences which he graciously shares in this podcast.

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Episode Forty – Hannah Schindler, Tool Factory Outlet

For our 40th episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Hannah Schindler, a business owner who started on this journey with her husband, but had to take on a male dominated industry and the big home improvement stores alone after his death.

She tells us how they launched into a multi media advertising campaign as they opened their doors and how their jingle helped define them and drive customers into the store even after the Orange and Blue megastores opened in the area.

Please enjoy her amazing story of resilience and almost 40 years of strong marketing which has continued to make her a very successful woman in business.

You can learn more about the business at

Episode Thirty Nine – Mark Blocker, Big Block Athletics

Our latest episode features Mark Blocker, an entrepreneur and philanthropist.  Mark began with an entry level position and a dream.  He built that into a successful sports apparel business that also sponsors athletes and formed his own charitable foundation that addresses those struggling with their mental health.

Mark shares his journey to get exposure for his brand, the ups and downs of being an athlete sponsor and the marketing strategies he has used to grow Big Blocker Athletics into a multi million dollar business.

Please enjoy learning about his path to success.

Episode Thirty Eight – Annette Choti, Law Quill

Content is king, but having the right person to create that content can help your company (or more specifically law firm) receive the organic reach and response that you are seeking and needing as part of your marketing mix.

Annette Choti is my guest for this episode and she shares her story of how she launched out on her own to provide copywriting for law firms to help them navigate the algorithm  infested waters of Google and clearly tell their story in a manner best suited for their target audience to absorb and react to it.

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Episode Thirty Seven – Kathleen Celmins, AmplifiedNOW

It is great when you learn about someone figuring out a simpler way to accomplish a goal.

With my guest Kathleen Celmins, it was developing a digital sales funnel to replace her need to cold call.  She created an incredibly successful system that exceeded all sales expectations and eventually launched her into the world of business owner, marketer and educator.


She now helps purpose-driven businesses and not-for-profit organizations create content with a purpose. She also works with businesses in the professional services industries to set up systems for bringing in more subscribers, leads, and sales.  Kathleen has a great story of her own in her agency search and shares a great deal of content of her own in this interview.

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