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Episode Seventy Nine – Woobie (Lyn-Dee Eldridge), Happiness Jungle / Cuddle Me Love

Amazing is the summary of this conversation…..


Bringing energy, bringing excitement, bringing joy can be contagious.


People are attracted to those that are positive and want to draw out that positivity in others.


Our latest guest brings the energy, and the excitement and the joy and so much more……


Lyn-Dee Eldridge is known to all who interact with her as Woobie and she is the Chief Happiness Officer/Founder of Happiness Jungle® LLC and the Founder/Creator of Cuddle Me Love® LLC.  In everything she does she is helping others live their best lives professionally and personally.  Her energy is infectious and her joy bring smiles to all that have the opportunity to meet with her and hear her speak.


She shares her life journey, in addition to the marketing journey she has been on with both of her successful businesses and her full schedule as a public speaker and motivator.


You will feel energized just from listening to her and want to learn how you can be a part of whatever she is doing.


You can learn more by clicking http://happinessjungle.com/ and https://cuddlemelove.com/.


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