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Episode Fifty Six – Janice and Alan Caine, Custom College Visits

Do you have a high school student who is trying to figure out what college to attend?ย  Do you have kids in college and remember how stressful and challenging that experience was?ย  Well my guests definitely understand what parents, and their students, are going through and they are able to help create the plan to make this period as easy and successful as possible.

My guests are Janice and Alan Caine and they combine their experience in the travel world with the understanding of what colleges are looking for in their prospective students and what families are looking for as part of their college tour adventures to create a plan and travel itinerary to make the process less stressful.

They not only book all the travel plans for you, but they help connect with professors and key individuals on campus for you and your student to meet with.ย  They make it a pleasurable learning experience and provide you with access to the information you need to make the correct choice for your child’s future

To learn more, click https://customcollegevisits.com/.