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Episode Forty – Hannah Schindler, Tool Factory Outlet

For our 40th episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Hannah Schindler, a business owner who started on this journey with her husband, but had to take on a male dominated industry and the big home improvement stores alone after his death.

She tells us how they launched into a multi media advertising campaign as they opened their doors and how their jingle helped define them and drive customers into the store even after the Orange and Blue megastores opened in the area.

Please enjoy her amazing story of resilience and almost 40 years of strong marketing which has continued to make her a very successful woman in business.

You can learn more about the business at www.toolfactoryoutlet.com

Episode Thirty Eight – Annette Choti, Law Quill

Content is king, but having the right person to create that content can help your company (or more specifically law firm) receive the organic reach and response that you are seeking and needing as part of your marketing mix.

Annette Choti is my guest for this episode and she shares her story of how she launched out on her own to provide copywriting for law firms to help them navigate the algorithm  infested waters of Google and clearly tell their story in a manner best suited for their target audience to absorb and react to it.

You can learn more at www.lawquill.com

Episode Thirty Seven – Kathleen Celmins, AmplifiedNOW

It is great when you learn about someone figuring out a simpler way to accomplish a goal.

With my guest Kathleen Celmins, it was developing a digital sales funnel to replace her need to cold call.  She created an incredibly successful system that exceeded all sales expectations and eventually launched her into the world of business owner, marketer and educator.


She now helps purpose-driven businesses and not-for-profit organizations create content with a purpose. She also works with businesses in the professional services industries to set up systems for bringing in more subscribers, leads, and sales.  Kathleen has a great story of her own in her agency search and shares a great deal of content of her own in this interview.

To learn more, please click https://amplifiednow.com/.

Episode Thirty Six – Salina Yeung, the[in]academy

My conversation with Salina Yeung, a former LinkedIn manager, was an eye opening roadmap to conquering the platforms algorithm and getting your content noticed.  As the CEO of a company that trains individuals and companies how to market themselves on LinkedIn, Salina shares her business ownership journey and confirms her expertise while sharing tips and tricks to make your profile stand out on the platform.

To learn more about Salina, find her on linkedIn and on her website, https://www.theinacademy.com/

Episode Thirty Five – Oxana Romanyuk, Remote Rockstars

On this episode, I speak with Oxana Romanyuk, who is changing the game of virtual assistants at Remote Rockstars of which she is the founder and CEO.

Remote Rockstars does not only provide expert virtual executive assistant services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized companies nationwide, but they have expanded into producing podcasts and creating back office support teams.  She and her team, provide ease, support and sustainability so business owners can have more freedom and focus on the projects that are actually getting them closer to their goals.

She shares the story of her four plus year journey to help overworked entrepreneurs and online business owners.

To learn more about what Oxana’s company offers, click https://www.remoterockstars.com/

Episode Thirty Four – Darrell Evans, Yokel Local Marketing

Our episode features Darrell Evans,  a serial entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder of Yokel Local Internet Marketing. He and his team have helped entrepreneurs and companies to generate over $300M in revenue online since 2011.

Darrell shares with us his journey in marketing his businesses and the tools he learned at the earliest stages of email marketing that has benefited his companies and his clients and have kept him from needing to cold call for well over a decade!

To learn more about Darrell, please click https://www.darrellevans.net/.

Episode Thirty Three – Rob Simone, Summer Friday

Todays episode is a story of how Covid has effected the marketing agency world.  Rob Simone was a man without an agency when his decided to close in 2020.  He found himself with clients needing his services and employees panicked about their futures.  He stepped into action and founded  Summer Friday, which broke from the traditional agency culture by prioritizing the input and wellbeing of their employees, even over clients.

Please enjoy the story of Rob’s journey….


Episode Thirty Two – Neeld Wilson, Gator Engineering & Aquifer Restoration

For today’ episode, we have Neeld Wilson, an award winning geologist who shares with us the adventures and challenges of bidding for government contracts.  His company, better known as G.E.A.R., is a is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that provides Geological, Environmental, Geotechnical, and Engineering services to a diverse range of private, state, and federal government clients across the United States.

They provide expert experience in the environmental and engineering fields, specializing in turn-key services from pre-acquisition to pre-construction, environmental assessment and remediation, and facility operations, including potable water distribution systems, bulk storage operations, and Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing services.

To learn more about their services, please click https://www.gearengineer.com/.

Episode Thirty One – Tracy Hoth, Simply Squared Away

Our newest episode is about organization, in your life and in your home.  Tracy Hoth is a professional organizer and, for over a decade, she has helped women in their homes and offices showing them  how it is possible to become the organized person they’ve always dreamt of being.

She is also a life coach and shares with us how she shows women  why they disorganized, stuck and overwhelmed and exactly what to do next.

She also discusses with us the evolution and growth of her business.

To learn more about Tracy, click https://simplysquaredaway.com/.





Episode Thirty – Cynthia Zenti, Unstoppable Sales Growth

For Episode 30, we have as our guest Cynthia Zenti, a salesperson and trainer extraordinaire.

She works with organizations and entrepreneurs helping them growth revenue and profitability using inclusive and equitable sales skills and strategies. She has over 40 years of multi industry and sales channel experience, and cumulative sales of over $750 million!!!

She even starting selling when she was a teenager!  Cynthia has seen it all and has brought sales stability to companies all over North America.

To learn more about her, please click http://cynthiazenti.com/