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Episode Sixty – Bea Vargas, Bellisima Salon

I have an amazing guest for Episode 60, one who really opened up about some of the real challenges of business ownership.


Bea Vargas is an elite hair-stylist with 19 years of experience and the owner/founder of Bellísima Salon. She trained in New York and Los Angeles, becoming a regional educator for Wella, receiving national artistry recognition over 35 times and being named on one of the top 3% stylists for a nationally recognized salon/spa.

Bea shares with us the trials and tribulations she experienced with her ownership of  her salon, trying to keep it open during the period of Covid while learning her employees were stealing from her.  Our conversation takes place just days after having to close her doors.


This is an episode absolutely worth listening to in its entirety.  I so appreciate Bea’s openness, honesty and integrity that she brought to this conversation and to how she operated and marketed her business.


For more information about Bea, you can find her at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beatriz-vargas-a907a3bb/