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Episode Seventy Seven, Donna Cooper, Tubular Travel

The journey of entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted.  It can bring you incredible rewards, but also its share of challenges.  But when you create that perfect item, the one that people have a true need for, then it becomes a worthwhile journey.


Our latest guest on Small Business Marketing – Then & Now, is Donna Cooper, the president of Coopergirl Productions who launched Tubular Travel to market her invention –  the Tube Travel Pillow.  It is a neck pillow that you can pack clothes into.  It doubles as a sneaky way to avoid paying excess baggage fees.


She shares her experience with every aspect of bringing an idea to fruition and then to market, including patents and trademarks, overseas manufacturing, importing and U.S. Customs, marketing and fulfillment. She also details the highs and lows of marketing a travel product during this period of Covid.


To learn more, or to purchase your own Tube Travel Pillow, please click https://tubulartravel.com/.

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