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Episode Seventy Two – Katherine Grooms, Accounting & Tax Solutions LLC

Once January comes around, it’s not just the new year, its Tax Season!  Bookkeepers, accountants, CPA’s and tax preparation providers hunker down, get focused and put their full attention to their clients for the next quarter plus.

I am so excited to share this latest episode of Small Business Marketing – Then & Now with my guest Katherine Grooms of Accounting & Tax Solutions LLC.  Katherine is focused on her clients all twelve months of the year, providing multiple layers of added value while providing exceptional services to small to medium-size businesses and corporations handling accounting, payroll, and tax functions.  Her multi-state business also provides hands-on service for individual and their tax preparation needs.

She shares her journey where she was guided by a mentor to start her business while in school and the lessons she learned through developing relationships and growing her network to create a thriving business.  She provides great detail on how she built the successful Accounting and Tax Solutions and the growth path she has developed for the future.

To learn more, please click https://accttaxsolutions.com/.

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