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Episode Seventy Eight – Brian Harbin, Grit.org

What’s in a name?

Well when it comes to a business, it can be everything.  It could also be incredibly challenging when you have picked a name and that URL is not available.

So what do you do?

Panic?  Start over?

Well some business owners contact a domain broker.

Our guest for this episode of Small Business Marketing – Then & Now is Brian Harbin, whose company, Grit,org, is first and foremost a domain brokerage where they have successfully closed thousands of domain transactions stretching well into the 8 figures..  But they are so much more.

They also created two programs to teach and implement life and success principles through entrepreneurship and athletics. These include GritUniversity.com – summer internship program for college students designed to develop young entrepreneurs and instill life and success principles and GritCamp.com – summer sports camp for ages 6-12 to build mental, physical, and emotional toughness.

He shares his journey on building all three of these entities and how he has connected all together to teach a new generation of entrepreneurs.

To learn more, please click Grit.org.

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