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Episode Seventy Four – Carlos Ivanor, Ivanor Law Firm

Have you ever had a dream about going into battle but you do not bring a weapon?  That’s how people feel if they have a legal issue and they do not have a good attorney by their side.

Well my guest for this episode of Small Business Marketing – Then & Now is a great attorney.  Carlos Ivanor, of the Ivanor Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, is the managing partner of a multi practice law firm that represents clients in the areas of Criminal Defense, Family Law, Immigration, and Personal Injury. He is also one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

Carlos is a hands-on attorney who meets with each of his clients personally and has been a huge advocate for the Spanish speaking people of Central Florida. He shares his journey that began as an Assistant Attorney General and Assistant Public Defender, to opening his law firm in 2005 and all the ways he has marketed his successful law firm.  Carlos’ passion for people comes out in everything he has done to reach people and lets them know that he is there to fight for them.

You can learn more at https://www.ivanorlaw.com/.

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