Howard Wolpoff Guests On The Horse’s Mouth – February 5, 2020 #1

Welcome to “The Horse’s Mouth” with Tom McManus, a cool, unique talk show where Tom’s guests sidle up to his bar to discuss business, marketing, and life. No gossip, no hearsay, no BS—just the straight-up truth, right from the source.
Tom’s longtime love of bartending has come full circle since his days as a linebacker on the inaugural Jacksonville Jaguars football team—slinging drinks and talking shop with everyone from high-profile sports figures and entertainers to business leaders, journalists and community leaders.

He and his guests trade insight and anecdotes, explore day-to-day topics and tackle the hard subjects, all with equal measures of energy, honesty and laughter. Get the skinny on the real people behind the headlines, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Today Tom sat down with Howard Wolpoff from Profit Master Business Solutions, Chris Ramaglia from Broadband Communications, Grayson Marshall from Digital Direct Media, Daniel Burstein from MECLABS Institute, and Mike White from BluHorn.