Episode Sixty Six – Matthew Davis, Davis Business Law, P.L.L.C.

Does your company have legal representation?


Having the right legal representation can help start up businesses with the contracts and leases they need to address before launching and guide active businesses to make smart business decisions regarding the many legal questions and situations that they may come across.


My guest for the latest Small Business Marketing – Then & Now episode is Matthew Davis, an innovative business lawyer who has built an expanding practice that works proactively with ambitious business owners to protect improve and grow their enterprises.


On our latest episode, we get In my law practice, I help companies. This can be if they have a problem or opportunity and need legal help. I also run our firms innovative Custom Legal Department Program where we

He is the author of The Art of Preventing Stupid, that explains how businesses can systematically and proactively protect against threats. And he shares how he launched his multi-office law firm and how he is continuing to expand across the country.  Marketing has played a major role in his success and Matthew details the parts of his marketing mix that have been the most successful in generating his firm’s clients.

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