Episode Ninety Five – Lindsay Sawyer, Captivating Cleanliness

In this podcast episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with a local house cleaning company about their experiences in the industry. The owner, Lindsay Sawyer of Captivating Cleanliness, shared valuable insights into what it takes to run a successful small business in this competitive field.


We learned about the importance of building strong relationships with clients and maintaining open communication channels to ensure their satisfaction. Lindsey emphasized the value of offering personalized services that cater to the specific needs of each client, the challenges of managing a team of employees and maintaining quality control, as well as the importance of investing in ongoing training and development for their staff.


Overall, this podcast provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of small business ownership and the unique challenges and rewards of running a house cleaning company. We gained valuable insights into the importance of customer service, team management, and continual improvement in the pursuit of success.


To learn more, please click https://www.captivatingcleanliness.com/.


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