Episode Fifty – Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Business Trainer

Very excited to share Episode Fifty of Small Business Marketing – Then & Now and even more excited to present my special guest.  Jackie Ulmer is a Network Marketing Business Trainer who has a huge passion is helping women (and men) get out of being “stuck” and get into having more of what it is they really want.

She works primarily with Network Marketing and Direct Sales professionals, who hire her to optimize their Social Media and Sales results.  She helps them reach their ultimate goals through network marketing -More Money, More Time, More Freedom, More Peace, More Influence, and More Opportunities.

She built a high six figure annual income working her business from home using High Tech (Internet) and High Touch (Phone/Text, Face to Face and Direct Mail) techniques.  She actually started in network marketing before the days of the internet, mastering the sales process and developing her core marketing principles.    She has been teaching her techniques to newer network marketers since 2005.

She shares her incredible marketing journey and incredible networking marketing knowledge with us in this episode.

To learn more about Jackie, click https://jackieulmer.com/