Episode Eighty Four – Mark Miller, UA Legacy Grants

Sow a Seed – Reap a Harvest

This is a concept that our latest guest lives by.   For many years, Mark Miller, wanted to create a way to help as many people as possible to give to the charities and causes that they found to be worthy, while also being able to optimally support their families and their financial goals.

He started UA Legacy Grants to help impoverished individuals receive financial assistance and financial education so they can rise above poverty and live thriving lives of financial independence.

Through his latest venture, he is able to assist those that are unable to pay for their basic household necessities, single mothers, domestic violence survivors starting over in new lives, and those struggling to pay excessive medical bills.

On our episode he shares how this organization began and how he has been marketing and fundraising for it so to address this worthy mission.

To learn more, click https://uagrant.com/

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