Episode Ninety Two – Siddiqi Ray, SOUL Ray Portrait / Siddiqi Ray International

People just want to be seen.  They want someone to just see them and love them and know them.  That’s all people want……..


This is just one of the great concepts shared by our next guest on Small Business Marketing – Then & Now, Siddiqi Ray, SOUL Ray Portrait and Siddiqi Ray International.  Her career has taken her around the world as a photographer, documenting history and experiencing life through the incredible interactions she has had and the relationships she has developed with her individual subjects.


She takes each individual through a process that really turns the light on and allows people to look open and welcome, having dropped their mask and showing their true self in each photo.


Siddiqi shares her journey as a photographer, business owner and becoming a positive influence on so many peoples lives.  


To learn more about Siddiqi, please click siddiqiray.com or find her on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/siddiqiray..


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