Business Experiences Can Cause Scars

“Scars have a strange power to remind us that the past is real. The events that cause them can never be forgotten.” – Cormac McCarthy.

In life, scars make marks on the skin and on the mind. You remember what happened to cause the scar, for good or for bad. It becomes an anecdote from the story of your life.

So too, scars from your experience with your business can also be remembered for a lifetime. And that’s ok. There are lessons that are learned from failures and challenges and your business can actually grow from these experiences. You may have had a business that has failed, and may have left a deep scar. But creating a second business, based on the lessons learned from the first one, will provide the guidance and details needed to ensure you are on a more successful path.

Some scars are hidden by their owners, but it doesn’t mean that they do not remember them. There is always a lesson from that experience, mostly what not to do again…. And that too can be powerful.

Small business owners need to grow from their scars, their mistakes, their setbacks.  A small business owner needs to be resilient.  They need to be open to learning and pivoting from their challenges and building new strategies to create greater successes for their business.

As a business coach, located in Florida, but working with clients around the country, I hear about all the scars and challenges.  And it is so rewarding when, together, we address them and create new strategies that build additional profit acceleration.

Have a scar that you need to address, connect with me and let me help…..